The Best Trends Of The Decade

A deep dive through our editors’ Instagram feeds proved that while the filters from 2011 haven’t aged well, some of the trends we’ve worn have actually held up.

From jumpsuits to high-waisted pants and puffy sleeves, we’ve combed through our very own archives to give you the best trends of the decade. These are the pieces that shaped our personal style and changed the way we dress — for the better.

Inside, relive our favorite pieces — some of which, we’re wearing right now — as we prepare to welcome a new era.


“My style has evolved a lot since I started working in fashion, partly because when you’re still finding your style and what works best for you, you experiment a lot (some worked, some did NOT!). The trends that have shaped my style are definitely more classic evergreen trends.


“I’ve always liked the idea of no-fuss dressing, but enter the jumpsuit, and it felt like my whole life changed. I love how put-together I can appear (appear being the operative word) and how easy it makes work-to-weekend dressing, dressing up for events, and beyond.

Coordinating Sets

“Throughout the past decade, the one trend I’ve stayed true to is co-ord sets. It’s odd; I’m actually a pretty playful dresser and I like to mix and match, but this just may be proof that comfort and ease are truly what women look for when getting dressed in the morning. Here I am wearing one with friends in 2014 (back in college), but these are also a throwback to my youth — my mom used to dress my sister and I in co-ords when we were growing up.


“Tie-dye definitely shaped my style this decade. I discovered it back when I was in middle school but rediscovered it in 2018. It’s been more than a year and I’m still rocking it nonstop, even through the Winter. I love that it’s very wearable depending on the shades and has a relaxed feel to it, which is right up my alley.


“2018 was the year I really leaned into the tailoring look that tends to surface on designer runways each season. Whether I’m topping off jeans, sharpening up a dress, or trying to make loungewear look a little more presentable, I live for a structured blazer in muted tones, luxe fabrics, and heritage checks.

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