Five Of The Best Fashion Trends 2019

Clothes have spirits.

Not the kind that is individual but each blouse or pair of trousers has its own personality. Even the accessory can give life to a individual’s outfit. The jean skirt is lively and quirky like her sister while platform heels are the daring friends one hangs around when confidence needs bolstering. Few can go a week from leggings, the most comprehension pair of trousers constructed.


This year ushered in a fresh cast of characters to the roster of clothes styles. Some were feisty spirits with much others had great intentions that were dropped upon being worn and many were. In honor of all and clothes they do to one’s ego, it is only fitting to revisit the most fabric friends that are treasured .

Bike shorts

As the style wild-card of the year, bike shorts were the accession. With their laid-back and eccentric personality, it’s not surprising that those skin tight, bermuda-length shorts were one of 2019’s most talked-about trends, especially after many stars began to jump to the loungewear bandwagon. Athleisure is popular after all, so bicycle shorts can replace a pair of yoga pants on a hot day.

Any time appears odd to me, while bike shorts are perfect for biking, wearing them. I can’t help but think that someone took scissors to some perfectly good leggings with the intent of earning spandex but abandoned a couple more inches and ended up making poorly cropped leggings. This is one fashion, although I am sorry, bicycle shorts lovers.


Replacing the hair scarves of last year was this year’s newest hair fad, barrettes. As a revisitation of an old love, 2019 hair barrettes seem like people some wore using a modernized flair from the 1990s or early 2000s. Sometimes they’re luxuriously adorned with beads and jewels, but they are plastic and pale. Either way is sure to delight.

I was sure that, with my barrettes adorning my head and my swirl lip balm glisten, the boys at my elementary school were defenseless. Even as a young adult I think in a fashion clip’s allures and undeniable charm.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats might be your fashion savior if you have been waiting for fisherman-chic are the fashion trend. The floppy fabric is worn several distinct ways — some hats tilt downward and droop their denim cloth over the face, while the airy kinds are straw-built and stick out instead of floundering lazily like their generally listless species.

I was against this trend wholeheartedly before an extremely fashionable friend of mine threw with a whole outfit that highlighted the forces of this seemingly forgettable trend. I decided that, using a straw bucket hat and a sundress, bucket hats could be suitable for ordinary use. As a whole, but the hat seems like additional fabric that doesn’t accentuate any part of the features of one.


The blazer has persisted and will probably never tire given its audacious personality that’s sure to enable any business girl. The classic shape of this professional jacket was played with and changed much in 2019 and is sometimes viewed as part of a matching pair, beneath straps or as a stand-alone top.

I’m not sure one can go wrong with a proper blazer, considering there have been so many renditions of the clothing item. My favorite way to wear a blazer is using a matching skirt, giving a subtle nod to the 1990s, evoking memories of Alicia Silverstone’s famed plaid ensemble sported while enjoying Cher in”Clueless.” You would be”completely buggin”’ to not take advantage of the style fad.

Animal print

We saw a surge in popularity of leopard print during 2018, but this year introduced a new wave of faux furry friends to hang our cupboard. While print styles zebra and giraffe created an appearance, animal printing in 2019 presented itself a continuation of the trend plus more snakeskin. The trend does not cease at tops and bottoms, spilling over into belts bags and shoes. Whatever item one can perhaps imagine in animal print, someone has probably made it. This trend screams sass at the best way possible.

I really don’t fit. I’ve always prospered in florals and soft colors, and if I were to put on a snakeskin jacket, it’d be like putting on a costume and enjoying the use of a more flamboyant person. I can respect those who stone this stylish trend, and I have even begun to sneak a leopard. Possibly by the end of 2020 my wardrobe will be a jungle of colorful prints as I continue to push on my style limits.

Each trend this season introduced me into a universe of new fashions and thoughts, and for this I’m thankful — but not all will accompany me to the new calendar year. This being said, I feel the beauty of clothing is that they are as diverse as human personality, and every trend is tailored to a different type of person. Though some don’t match my personal style, I expect readers could draw inspiration for your clothing habits from a number of the numerous fashion styles of 2019.

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