5 Key Trend Takeaways From Copenhagen Fashion Week Autumn 2020

Comfort takes precedence, also, also in 2020.

1. Pastels are outside, and neutrals have been in

With tags such as Bottega Veneta and Celine Putting an emphasis on the significance of wardrobe The Scandi It-girls do things in their own way Exclusively black, khaki and brown outfits took center stage this season.

2. The more oversize, the greater

It goes without mentioning dressing and that clothes Go awry, but looking in the road fashion in Copenhagen,

3. Do not give your brightly-coloured clothes just yet

Before you donate or sell your wardrobe accessories that are brightly-coloured Favour of styles that are monochromatic, you may want to re-assess, and maintain a Bits that pep up your cupboard for a day that is gray.

4. That hat on your wardrobe? It is probably cool today

One of the numerous trends that undergone a resurgence Among these was hats; stretching to sunhats And baseball. Basically–it is time Wardrobe bits, because we would bet any money that they are cool.

5. There is a new protector of It-handbags

Recycling old bits is among the most important things we can do to protect the entire world, also never Compromises style that is great.

There was a resurgence that is definite Of accessories–such as this -Dior tote Nevertheless today that is on-trend.

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